Online Video & Photos

Bellune Digital Video Services supports all the popular video and photo formats for the Web.

For video:

Most business customers choose to have versions of their videos in H.264, Windows Media, or QuickTime. In addition, within these formats, different versions can be created for users with different levels of bandwidth access to the Internet: High-bandwidth Cable/DSL, Low-Bandwidth Cable/DSL or Dial-up.  While implementing all these various versions is slightly more work, it provides the best customer experience since it minimizes requiring customers to download additional software. Please view the sample video.

For personal services, posting wedding or other videos on the Web is a great way to share the great video at minimal expense. 

For photos and graphics:

Photos and graphics are formatted using professional software to maintain quality and minimize customer download time.

Interested in something not listed above? Although, the above listed formats are what Bellune Digital Video Services recommends, other formats can be provided.  Just ask.

Supports all major Web video and photo formats
Provides the best customer experience available


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