Please contact Bellune Digital Video Services for a quote. The following pricing information is provided as a guide, but getting a quote is easier and faster than trying to work out the price on your own.


Digital videotaping and photography (plus travel expenses):

Time LengthPrice
1 to 7 hours$55/hr
1 to 4 days$320/day
5 or more days$280/day

Video and photo editing, graphics creation, etc.:

Time LengthPrice
1 to 7 hours$55/hr
Over 7 hours$50/hr

Time lengths apply to consecutive hours or days worked for your company or on the same deliverable. A video typically requires a minimum of 1 day (7 hours) of editing.

An event, such as a Wedding, Bar Mitzvah, or Quinceañera, typically costs $999 plus the cost of DVDs and VHS tapes. This is for 2 cameras and a wireless microphone at the ceremony and 1 camera at the reception. Other options are also available.

Introductory Discount: The price for services (except travel expenses) is reduced by 20% for the first work effort for a company, not to exceed 3 days of travel or 24 hours of editing.

Discounts for personal services, such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, etc. are also available.

For non-business customers, Bellune Digital Video Services can post a short video on the Internet for 30 days at no cost to you and $5 a month after that. Although Internet video is not as high quality as DVD video, it is an inexpensive way to share video with distant friends and relatives. The video is made available on a non-public portion of a Web site.

Video format conversions:

Conversion TypePrice
VHS and 8mm straight to hard diskStarts @ $6.99/tape
VHS or 8mm tape straight to DVDStarts @ $9.99/tape
VHS or 8mm tape to DVD plus photosStarts @ $99.99
VHS or 8mm tape to DVD plus extrasStarts @ $149.99

To minimize state sales tax, physical disc media is priced separately. See Duplication Service for those prices.

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